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believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.


Rachel: What’s the word on any female characters on Supernatural this season?
While females generally don’t have the longest life span on this CW fan-favorite series, the show is currently casting the role of Claire Novak, a 17-year-old tough, angry teenager described as “punk-rock-pretty.” Claire is sarcastic, smart and defiant because of her rough past: she has bounced from foster home to foster home since the death of her father and the disappearance of her mother (we’re guessing from supernatural forces?). Even though Claire is always in trouble, underneath it all she has a big heart. Let’s hope that heart makes her a survivor!


while I’m understandably apprehensive about any female character who returns after several seasons away, !!!!!!!!


She doesn't give up on the people she loves... and she always succeeds.
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Zayn Malik + Harry Styles: a summary (insp)

At some point you just gotta have to forget about it, forget about your ego and get on the dance floor- Kit Harington


Fletcher Family Fun! +


Elsa and Emma bts photos from 4.02 "White Out" [x]

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Reject the notion that you are supposed to be at a certain place by now.

Don’t measure yourself to some colloquial set of social constructions. 

"while you are on the road to figuring your life out, do not forget to live."

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is there a scholarship for trying



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